The Keeshkeemaquah Truck Stop – Travel Center Development project will provide services to the motorized commercial, residential, and recreational travelling public, strategically located on the Trans- Canada Highway. The project will include the following infrastructure developments and key amenities:

  • New access road providing future development opportunities between Keeshkeemaquah Drive and Yellowquill Trail
  • Travel Center which will incorporate:
    • Convenience Store
    • Sit down restaurant and patio
    • Truckers lounge
    • Exercise facility (Gym)
    • Laundry facilities
    • Shower and change facilities
  • Retail gas pumps that will serve Premium fuel, Regular fuel, and Diesel Fuel
  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Cardlock fuel pumps
  • Truck and trailer parking (secure and unsecure)
  • Future building pad sites designated for a drive through restaurant, Truck Wash Bay / Garage and weight

The physical design of Keeshkeemaquah Truck Stop – Travel Center utilizes industry best practices and innovative features, while maintaining an environmentally and culturally respectful functional design. The design approximates similar developments in the United States and Western Europe, where the opportunities of road transportation developments are more fully recognized than currently in Canada.

Time Lines

Construction of The Keeshkeemaquah Truck Stop – Travel Center Development can be phased over several years. This is beneficial as it allows for revenue generation to be established prior to the full capitol investment. The following key phases will be implemented over a 4 year period (subject to change):

Phase 1 – Infrastructure Works (July 2020 to October 2020) Budget: $4,634,000.00
  • Access Road from Keeshkeemaquah Drive to Yellowquill Trail
    • Asphalt roadway with concrete curbing
    • Underground drainage with outfall to Crescent Lake
  • Sewer and water servicing within road right of way to service Truck Stop / Travel Center
  • Construction of approaches into the Truck Stop / Travel Center Site
  • General Site grading and surface drainage works
  • Installation of geothermal ground loops
Phase 2 – Travel Center (2021)                                                               Budget: $14,200,000.00
  • Travel Centre Construction
  • Underground Fuel Tank Installation
  • Retail Fuel Pumps (87/89/91/Diesel)
  • Parking Lot Construction
  • Landscaping
Phase 3 – Cardlock Truck Fueling (2022)                                             Budget: $7,685,000.00
  • Card Lock Fuel Station (Diesel/DEF/Dyed Diesel)
  • Oil/Water Separator Catchment System
  • Site Lighting
  • Drive Aisle / Tractor Trailer Parking
Phase 4 – Secure Tractor Trailer Parking (2023)                                Budget: $2,800,000.00
  • Drive Aisle / Tractor Trailer Parking
  • Secure Compound Fencing
  • Site Lighting
Phase 5 – Future Development                                                              Budget: TBD
  • Weigh Scale
  • Truck Wash / Garage
  • Separate Fast Food Restaurant (ex. Tim Hortons)